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The O&M Sustainability Journey's

The O&M Sustainability Journey's

Did you know 75% of all plastic produced has become waste? Well, we sure did and this is what we are going to do about it! O&M has been on a clean journey for over a decade, working towards limiting our impact and making positive changes where we can. O&M is dedicated to transitioning our range into recyclable plastic (PCR) over the next 12 months, starting with Know Knott, firmly establishing our mission to ensure we are always evolving and adapting to the market and current climate. 

What is PCR? 

PCR is or post-consumer recycled plastic, is manufactured from used, recycled and repurposed plastic. If your asking yourself, how does this all work? We have broken it down below: 

  1. Used plastics are sourced and collected
  2. The plastics are sent to a factory to be sorted into categories, PET, PP and PE. It's super important these plastics are all treated differently as they contain different properties 
  3. Plastics are then broken down into smaller pieces, cleaned at high temperatures and disinfected
  4. The plastic is melted down and put into O&M moulds, in preparation to be filled with clean, kind formulations
  5. View the new Know Knott bottle featured in post-consumer recycled plastic HERE
Why is it important to purchase recyclable plastics when possible?
  • PCR requires the least amount of energy to be produced and recycled, therefore lighter packaging also guarantees a more circular, carbon efficient shipment
  • Using PCR packaging supports the length in every product’s lifecycle, avoiding our bottles ending up in landfill and eventually in the ocean 
  • The mismanagement of plastic waste damages the environment, endangers wildlife, and poses threat to human lives. So, if you had the option to select and purchase products made of post-consumer recycled PET material (“PCR”) wouldn't you? Small individual decisions like this can make a huge impact over time! 

"It felt natural to officially release the Know Knott bottle in recyclable plastic (PCR) to the market first as it has been a core product since day one, essential styling tool and the secret to so many incredible looks produced over the years." - Jose Bryce Smith, Founder of Original and Mineral

How you can make your beauty & hair routine more eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Shop with a brand that follows environmentally friendly practices
  • Ensure the brand is cruelty-free and against animal testing
  • Consider some easy product swaps to make for a more sustainable beauty routine

Our mission is to establish O&M as the global leader for clean professional colour and high performing kind haircare. Our product formulas replace harsh chemicals with active natural extracts and minerals. We are dedicated to driving a new luxury, making a positive environmental impact through conscious engagement with our global hairdressing community.

O&M is committed to offering high performing haircare with clean formulations. As sustainability continues to evolve, we will continue to do so as well. 


Need tips on styling with Know Knott? Check out Ruby from Kundalini Hair using a combination of O&M products in a Sunday self care tutorial HERE




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